Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crazy Summer '08 - part one

I don't know if anybody has noticed but we've been a little busy this summer and haven't really had time to update the blog. Now that things are slowing down we're going to have a little more time to update on a regular basis.

Unfortunately we're going to bombard you with pictures in order to keep our family & friends updated as to our many adventures in the Summer '08.

We celebrated 4th of July at the beach in SoCal, had a couple of Birthday parties for Ezra's 1st birthday in LA and St George. Watched Manny's first game wearing Dodger Blue with our friends Mike & Jenn Wilcox. Took Ezra to the Aquarium in Las Vegas. Were able to travel with Ever when he went on his business trips. Spent time in Zion National Park, and watched Ever train for the Tour de St George.

Celest, Ever & Ezra

Kelsey celebrating 4th of July

Ever & Celest

Ezra & Perla

Rolando & Andy

Thanya, Ever, Ezra, & Gma Rosa picking out a pinata in downtown LA

Kelsey & Ezra picking out Mexican candy for the party

It was a Dodgers themed party

Friends & Family


Ezra enjoying his BDay cake
Another BDay party in St George for Ezra
Ezra enjoying one of his many gifts

Gma Tarri, Alina, & Gpa Rick


Blondemom said...

What a fun birthday party, what a busy and fun summer it looks like... He looks so cute on his horsee...

The Dwelley's said...

Isn't it nice to be able to slow down after an active summer. Just wait until he starts school. You think life is crazy now. :)

Steve, Tiffany & Brady said...

I am sad we missed the party! HOWEVER it looks like it was a blast for both Ezra AND dad! ha ha I miss you guys soooooo much!

jonesfamily said...

I loved seeing all those pix! It looks like you had a fun-filled summer! I'm so bummed we couldn't make it to Ezra's party! He sure has managed to stay cute as ever!

Shelley Family said...

Where's Part Two???

Kelly And Andy said...

it was great seeing you guys this summer. Let us know when your back in town it would be fun to get together

Tiffany J said...

Ok I heard you went to Dland the same day we did....Miley Cyrus, Halloween and "gay day" DON'T make disneyland the happiest place on earth...agree?? Can't wait to see PART 2!!

A Change of Climate said...

Looks like it was a way fun party!! And I'm with everyone else on the "Where's part 2?" :)