Thursday, October 9, 2008


A recent trip to Disneyland inspired me to write this.

If life was like Disneyland...
I wouldn't ride the tea cups too often.
I would stop to watch the parades and enjoy the moment.
I would ride Space Mountain over and over because I love to
laugh and just need more reasons to do it.
I would go on Pirates at least three times a day because it gives
me a chance to dream.
I would make sure to go on Haunted Mansion at least once a day
because it teaches me there is a lighter side to dark times.
I would ride Dumbo often because everyone loves to fly.
I wouldn't forget to go on Small World because it reminds me
that while we're all different we're also all God's children and so,
remarkably the same.
I would ride the Matterhorn because I must remember that even
a good life has its share of Yeti's.
I would eat ice cream just because.
I would go on the Winnie the Pooh ride frequently because it's
good to feel the safety of childhood.
I would go on the Jungle Boat ride so I never forget to explore.
I would walk through Tarzan's Treehouse to feel the wind on my face.
I would walk through Toon Town once in a while to remind me I
need to be silly sometimes.
I would ride on Astro Blasters just because it's fun.
I would enjoy watching the people come and go and learn from those
who passed my way.
I would sing all the songs at the top of my voice because music is
good for the soul.
But most of all if life was like Disneyland I would never mind the
darkness of nighttime because I would learn to appreciate the things
I took for granted during the day and I would know the dawn of
another beautiful morning would be soon to follow.