Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ezra Land

I didn't think that anything could be more fun than Disneyland but now that we have Ezra I've changed my mind. Sure there are still sleepless nights and screaming fits to be endured but all the wonderful things he does makes up for that 100 times over! About a month ago the doctor started him on some rice cereal and today he started some oatmeal too. He certainly seems to prefer the oatmeal to the rice cereal since he gobbled all of it down in record time! In about two more weeks he gets to start real baby food and we can't wait to see all the faces he makes as he tries new flavors and tastes!

Last week he also started an 'army crawl' where he drags himself along on his elbows to get to whatever he wants. That is something I'm having a hard time getting used to! The other night he was on the floor with me sitting next to him and when I looked over I found that he'd drug himself to a bowl with leftover fudge topping in it. He'd dived right in and smeared it all over the carpet, the couch and himself! I'd just given him a bath and then he covered himself in chocolate! He loves pulling himself over to wherever the dog is laying and grabbing his paws. Spencer is very good with him, very gentle. It's amazing how quickly he can move so we're really having to re-think what we leave out! Nothing is safe!

Last night we discovered that his first little tooth had popped through on the bottom! I'm sure another one won't be far behind. We just can't believe how fast he's growing! It seems like just yesterday that we brought him home and now here we are over five months later with this beautiful little person bringing such joy to our lives. He's very alert, active, and smart and his smile just lights up a room and his mommy's life! I haven't downloaded the new pictures yet but I'll post them as soon as I do! We're certainly enjoying life here in Ezra Land!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ezra's Very Merry Christmas

So this year at Christmas we got to enjoy the best gift ever, spending it with our new baby! It's funny how things that were once so important are now a distant second at best as you watch your baby experience things for the first time. Ezra got a high chair for Christmas and we sat him in it while we ate Christmas Eve dinner. No one was really interested in the food though, we were all too busy watching him bang his toys on the chair tray and experimenting with the new freedom that sitting up brings.

While we had all had fun opening our presents, we loved giving Ezra his. Of course he had no real idea of what was happening but he had a blast examining each new gift as he 'opened' it. My dad got him his first set of wheels! Very fitting since my dad is a car guy! It's so cute and we know Ezra will love to zoom around the house with it!

We spent Christmas Eve with my family and then left Christmas day for California to spend it with Ever's family (we haven't downloaded those pictures yet). There we had our traditional dinner of homemade tamales with arroz y frijoles rancheros. So good! It was a tad louder there than it was at my family's considering that there are 5 brothers and sisters, Ever's mom, a cousin and three grand kids. It was crazy but a lot of fun to watch all the kids open their gifts.

This is our first Christmas with our first baby and there will never be another one like it. Ezra brings so much joy to our lives, it made this special season even more wonderful!